Kingsley Adrian Banks

One of Nigeria’s New voices in Fiction.

Books by Kingsley Adrian Banks

Forbidden Woman

by Kingsley Adrian Banks

Adamma is a happy woman, or thinks she is as happy as she can ever be…until one night, when she dreams of a very beautiful woman, Mmirimma, her long-lost mother lost to history over twenty years ago. Adamma’s strange dream centers around the events that led to the death of her father and the disappearance of her mother. Against all rationality, against all evidence to the contrary, Adamma rekindles the flames of hope, that her mother Mmirimma who had been missing for over twenty years, is still alive. From the glitzy playgrounds of Lagos, Adamma heads East, seeking answers to questions that had plagued her entire adult life…



by Kingsley Adrian Banks

Adamma is a dazzling beauty and Nigeria’s biggest female musician. She has clawed her way to the top through sheer talent, uncommon drive and a shocking ability to adapt to people’s musical needs. And, she intends to stay at the top no matter what…that is, until one man from her past makes a comeback into her life…

Behind Closed Doors

by Kingsley Adrian Banks

Kingsley Adrian Banks is a Bambooks bestselling author of Behind Closed Doors, his staggering debut Novel that tackles effeminacy, homosexuality and gender norms in Nigeria. He is also the author of Adamma, Forbidden Woman, and Sirens, all Novels in The Women of Eternity Series. He is a lawyer and social activist, advocating for the rights of underrepresented, marginalized populations. As an advocate his essays and opinion pieces has appeared in Kito Diaries, Nostringsng and other advocacy platforms.

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