Kingsley Adrian Banks

One of Nigeria’s New voices in Fiction.


Kingsley Adrian Banks is a Novelist, editor, social activist and serial entrepreneur. His debut novel Behind Closed Doors tackles effeminacy, homosexuality and gender norms in Nigeria.

Kingsley Adrian Banks has also written numerous short stories and the books in the Women of Eternity Series.

Kingsley Adrian Banks’ Women of Eternity series is classic contemporary fiction from one of Nigeria’s best story-tellers, rich in plot, characterisation and vivid, luscious detail. In 2010 K. A. Banks began the first book in the series, titled Entangled, and this erotic novel marks the beginning of what will become Banks’ Women Of Eternity books. The first three novels Adamma (written 2010), Forbidden Woman (written 2016) and Sirens (written 2020) are ready and itching to take readers through a sprawling world with a rich tapestry of sex, murder, betrayals and later, the supernatural.


Behind Closed Doors

Women of Eternity Series Book 1: Adamma
Rituals – A Free story

Book Gallery



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